Outdoor Fall Activities: Create Lasting Memories with your Grandchildren

Fall is here, bringing with it the relief of cooler weather, the dramatic hues of changing leaves and the promise of pleasant times spent outside. Whether you are a full-time caregiver to your grandkids or they are coming for a visit this fall, you’ll want to make plans with your grandchildren for activities you will all enjoy. Here are some fun autumn adventures that will help you create lasting memories. Don’t forget your camera!

Visit a local pumpkin patch

and spend the day engaging in all it has to offer. Wind your way through a corn maze, go for a hayride and sample delicious spiced cider and caramel corn. Take a couple of pumpkins home for you and your grandkids to paint and decorate.

Pick apples at a harvest-your-own apple farm. Kids have a great time playing farmer and the rewards are tremendous; a big bucket of apples for them and precious memories for you. Be sure to take pictures. The striking color of the apples makes a gorgeous backdrop to your family photos. Bake an apple pie or make caramel apples together as a bonus for all of their hard work. Collect leaves and acorns for a rustic fall centerpiece. Take your grandchildren and a favorite basket along on a nature walk in search for the perfect additions to your arrangement. A colorful collection of freshly fallen leaves, pine cones, acorns and such will look wonderful in your entrance hall or on the dining room table.

Make a bonfire

in an outdoor fire pit, roast marshmallows, sing songs and tell stories. Older kids love the thrill of being scared by spooky ghost stories, while youngsters may prefer a fairy tale or even stories about when you were a kid. Don’t forget the chocolate and graham crackers for S’mores, and if you have any apples left from your apple-picking adventure, set up a nearby barrel of water and get soaked bobbing for apples. Sitting next to the fire with a hard-won apple will warm everyone right up.

Borrow a bird book from the library and do some bird watching. Birds generally migrate north in the spring and south in the fall so this is the perfect time to see them in their migratory pattern. You can make a game out of who spots the most birds, or chart the species you see. Young children love animals and will find this activity especially exciting. Rake a big pile of leaves, hold hands, count to 3 and jump! Jumping in leaves is old-fashioned fun that never goes out of style. Participating in fun and unforgettable activities with your grandchildren strengthens your family bond and creates memories that will last a lifetime. However you don’t have to spend money or go far from home. Quality time spent laughing and talking are likely to be occasions your grandchildren will cherish most.
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