Peace Sign Stationery and Thank You Notes

My daughters told me a design with a peace sign was a must, but I didn’t know it would be THIS popular! After a few weeks of printing up a whole bunch of our Peace Sign Stationery, my eldest daughter (age 12) said... “Um, Mom, it’s cute but you need to do one that's a little less cutesy - something my friends would like.” I said, “Well, ok, how about you help me design it, then?” So we sat down together and tweaked it here and tweaked it there... she was the director and the colorist. It wasn't long before the Teen Peace Sign Stationery was created! So whether your peace sign lover is a little girl or a big girl, we now have two variations that each of them can enjoy. I hope you like these new thank you note designs. We also have Peace Sign Party Invitations and Peace Sign Address Labels!

Peace Sign Address Label

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