Having a Pool Party? Tips, Tricks and Invitations!

We’ve been seeing lots of pool party invitations going out so it’s definitely the season! So here are some of our tips for the perfect pool party:


We love the JELL-O “Dive-On-In-Cake” that uses blue JELL-O to make a swimming pool right in the middle of the cake. Here’s a link to the recipe. And we love this fun pool cake, too:

JELL-O is great for pool party treats. Put some in a bowl with gummy fish… or in little JELL-O molds and top with whip cream and gummy fish. POOL PARTY THEMES Flip Flops are a fun pool party theme. Give each kid one flipflop when they arrive and make them search for the missing half. Brightly colored flip flops are cheap and are a great addition to a gift bag, along with sunglasses, sunscreen and bright beach towel. The Flip Flop theme can even be carried out on the cake:

And who wouldn’t love a pirate themed pool party? Play the soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean, toss “gold coins” into the pool for kids to retrieve, draw a map for a treasure hunt and stick pirate flags in your cupcakes! Arrrrrrgh mateys!

POOL PARTY GAMES: What do a car wash, washing machine, shark and Tarzan have in common? They’re all pool party games! Here’s a list of 73 games for your summer pool party. POOL PARTY OPTIONS: Want to have a pool party but don’t have a pool? Hotels will often allow parties at their pools, especially if you rent a room or two for a night. If it’s for small kids, put together a couple kiddie pools of different sizes to splash around in. POOL PARTY DESIGNS: Amy recently released two new Pool Party designs – Swimming Boy and Swimming Girl: These are a nice addition to our other pool party and pirate-themed designs:

Pirate and Parrot Stationery
Pool Baby Stationery
Swimming Pool Photo Invitations
Swimming Pool Invitations
And how could we blog about Pool Parties without having one of our own? Here's our AmyAdele.com summer kick-off pool party with some of the staff's little ones.
Amy Adele Pool Party
Bubbles and snowcones were the hit of the party!
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