Prepare for the March 2nd Read Across America Day with Fun Kids Party Ideas kids party ideas

What better way to celebrate the infamous Dr. Seuss holiday than with kids party ideas as part of the Read Across America observance.

Throughout the United States students, parents and teachers join forces for this annual celebration held on March 2nd of each year. Since this event coincides with the birthday of Dr. Seuss, who is known for writing children's books, what an excellent reason to have a party!

You can begin with unique party inviations that welcome your guests to your special event.

Use the Reading theme to encourage everyone to participate in the day's activities wearing something to the party that represents one of their favorite books. Your guests could choose to wear the popular hat from the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat story. Or perhaps they could dress in orange, in honor of the Lorax. How about celebrating "Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!" by wearing as much mismatched clothing as you can! Or you can remember "Fox in Sox" by wearing a pair of wild socks. Make a wacky pair be combining one from each of two different pair. The Cat in the Hat always loved wearing stripes, so you could simply wear as many pieces of clothing that you have with stripes, to honor his character. Everyone could take part in drawing pictures of Green Eggs and Ham, or their own favorite storybook character.

We cannot forget the most important reason to celebrate the day - not only is it Dr. Seuss' birthday, but also the special day to promote reading for people of all ages, all across America. What better way than to take turns reading from your favorite book, or have a special guest stop by to read to your group. Even the Cat in the Hat would find this a wonderful way to celebrate the day. For more ideas and specially designed invitations contact us.

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