Rainy Day Activities... Hmmmm?

Rainy Day Activities.

Where to start

As a father of two girls, ages 2 & 5, I almost enjoy the rainy days more than sunny. More often than not sunny days mean playing outside. Outside is great, I mean I would never complain about my kids jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sprinkler, or riding their bikes; but inside means imagination.
I won't lie and say the tv never turns on. I dare you to find a household that doesn't own one, but we really try to limit our children's digital intake. Occassionally, on a really dreary day we will break out the hot cocoa and Despicable Me or Finding Nemo and just snuggle up together. Most rainy days are more fun than that though. Like I said the imagination really kicks up a notch on those rainy days when we don't just kick the kids out the door in their rain coats to play in puddles. I don't know that I could even count the number of rainy days that find their start with a cardboard box. A box to you childless masses is a magical devise that has the ability to transform into whatever plaything the depths of the mind can dredge up. The best boxes are large appliance boxes: refrigerator, stove, hotwater heater. Pair this box with a knife, generally of utility form and in the hands of a trained adult, and you have yourself a house, a pirate ship, a race car, or even the basis for a brand new sport. Some of the greatest rainy days ideas begin with a simple cardboard box.

Add a rare treat

Another favorite of my girls is to break out ice cream and the fixings, crank the iPod, and have an ice cream social. You wouldn't believe how long a kids danceparty can last. Dance with them. I know it will be hard to think about, but it doesn't do any good for your last dance at your daughter's wedding to be the first time. Even if you suck at dancing like I do, they don't know the difference. My advice is be careful what music you choose, your kids will start singing it back to you at the most inopportune moment.

Make a night of it

My last idea is just as simple as the first; well almost. Find some string, blankets, sleeping bags, flashlights, and popcorn. I would recommend some strong twine. Take that twine and string it up in the living room. I tend to run it between the curtain holder things; they tend to be fairly strong. Throw some blankets over the strings to make tents. Crawl inside with your sleeping bags, flashlights, and popcorn. My girls love it when we take turns making up stories as we camp out in the living room. The bonus is Mom might say it's ok to leave it up for the night and then you can really have a living room campout. Overall, Rainy Day Activities can be as fun, if not more so, than sunny days. As I said previously, imagination runs rampant on days when you can't get out. Let that imagination go and see where it takes you. Camping Invitation
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