Reasons Calling Cards for Kids Are a Great Idea

Traditionally, calling cards or business cards are thought of as an adult only product but there are many reasons that calling cards for kids are a great idea. From babies to teens, calling cards can be a great way to make a personalized connection at school and within the community for parents and children alike.

All Ages There are children of all ages who have medical conditions or allergies that can impact their lives daily. Providing this information on a calling card is just another way for parents to be prepared in case of a medical emergency. A calling card can be provided to those who interact with your child on a daily basis, taped to the side of a car seat or even placed in a backpack or article of clothing. Additional information, such as a parent's emergency contact information or medical professional contact information can be added to the calling card as well. A medical calling card will give you piece of mind and the best part; you design it with the information that you want to provide.

Babies and Toddlers A babysitter or daycare/preschool facility would benefit from an easy to access calling card that identifies your child and provides your information. In most daycare settings the information is kept on a computer or location away from the actual room where children are present. What if the power goes out? If the preschool has easy access to a calling card, they can notify a parent quickly. A teacher may find that a calling card is easier to keep in the room where your child is cared for and use it as the first source of contact information. Grandparents are often caretakers or spend a significant amount of time having fun with their grandchildren. A calling card will ease your mind because you know they have all the information they need to contact you. Let's face it, some grandparents aren't as savvy with today's technology and still rely on a land line and a good old fashioned address book, why not give them a calling card which is in their comfort zone? Parenting groups, mommy and me classes and other groups for parents of babies and toddlers are a great way for children to learn socialization. A calling card for your child is a perfect way to introduce both you and your child to a new group. Not only will you be able to share your child's information, but yours as well to make that new connection easier. Many parents of children also belong to other organizations such as a gym or community center. These facilities provide activities or childcare services while the parent exercises, sews, plays golf or just relaxes by the pool. Having a calling card for your child that you can provide at sign in can make the transition easier for both you and the person who will care for your child for the few hours you are exercising or relaxing.

Elementary To Pre-Teen Now that the toddler years have passed and your child has moved on to Elementary School, you and your child will find many opportunities to utilize a calling card. Teachers, the school nurse and other administrative personnel can have an easy to access calling card available with important information about your child. It's also a great way for your child to introduce themselves to their new classmates. And now that they have made many new friends, they may want to go to a sleepover! Don't panic at the thought of the first time your son or daughter spends the night away from home with a friend. Send along your child's personalized calling card and know that the other parent can reach you if the need arises. Many schools do not allow invitations to birthday parties and other outside events to be distributed. However, a calling card with your child's information can be utilized as a substitute. It's also a great way for your child to introduce themselves at after school activities and when school is out for the summer, they can utilize calling cards to introduce themselves to peers and counselors summer camp programs.

High School Most teenagers are digitally connected and utilize social media and texting to stay in contact, but if they need a way to stand out, a calling card is a perfect attention grabber. Other than handing out a calling card to friends, attaching one to college or job applications can help them stand out during the consideration process. During high school, there are clubs, sports programs and social activities. Your teenager can use calling cards to hand out to advisers, recruiters and even members of the community during fundraising events. Many teenagers also start their own businesses, such as babysitting or lawn care services, having an additional way for for them to promote the business and be successful entrepreneurs by utilizing a calling card is a great learning experience.

More Reasons Moving to a new city or town can be a difficult time for children who have been in an established school setting or community. Meeting new friends can be stressful and cause anxiety. With a calling card, children of any age can easily introduce themselves in a fun creative way with a personalized calling card that says "I'm new, nice to meet you." Let's face another reality, how many times has your child lost their favorite toy, you misplaced the baby blanket your grandmother made or your teen has lost their cell phone, a calling card provided to an owner of a business, lost and found department or someone in the area may just be a unique way to recover the item. Not only will calling cards for your children help them find another way to connect and socialize, but they will help you during their early years too. Calling cards for children are a unique personalized idea that still has relevance in today's digitally connected society.

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