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“The Found Art of Thank-You Notes” by Guy Trebay at the New York Times is exactly what we love to see here at!

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Trebay examines the comeback that thank-you notes are beginning to have. With today’s technology, it would seem that a quick thank you at the end of an email is the standard, but Trebay interviewed many business professionals that take the time to hand write notes of gratitude. So, what is it about a note that makes it so appealing? Trebay interviewed William Miller, proprietor of the Printery in Oyster Bay, N.Y., who believes the stationery itself is the difference. The visual stimulus from the fonts, the textures and colors is what makes a note significantly better than the flat white background of an e-mail. Also, it is easy to overlook an email, with the spam and hundreds of other emails, whereas a letter in a mailbox surrounded by bills demands attention. Trebay writes about Jimmy Fallon and his weekly thank you note routine on the tonight show. Although Fallon is usually writing thank-you notes to inanimate objects, the point is there. It doesn’t take long to write a note and they can bring joy to a lot of people.

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It is so exciting to read that the Thank-you note is coming back into style. It’s hard to get people to take the time to write anymore, but maybe with the help of comedians and other famous individuals, it will instill in the younger generations to continue the tradition of thank-you notes. I also think that Jimmy Fallon’s routine is hilarious, so here is the “Best of the Thank-You Notes”

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