Save the Rhinos! Run for the Rhinos in Atlanta

Save the Rhinos! Run for the Rhinos in Atlanta

I recently received an usual custom artwork request from a loyal customer of mine, Jennifer C. from Atlanta, GA. I get custom artwork requests from all kinds of people and for all kinds of events. But Jennifer needed a unique design created for a special event her young daughter had put together. She wanted a t-shirt design for a community race to save the rhinos and of course, wanted a rhino on the front!


When I asked for more details, she told me this: “My daughter, Elizabeth, has been trying to save the rhinos for almost 5 years now. She has done bake sales, lemonade stands and other fundraisers, but she wanted to do something bigger! So the idea for the Run for the Rhinos was born! She partners with Save the Rhino International in London, and she is very involved in their fundraisers and awareness campaigns.


Her school, The Children's School, said that, as part of a service learning day, we could put on the Run for the Rhinos starting on campus and running through Piedmont Park. It was a one-mile fun run for kids. We had a blast!! Also, as part of the event we painted handprints on a huge plywood rhino named Prince. Prince will be displayed at Zoo Atlanta to show everyone that ‘You have to be hands on to save the rhinos!’"


I had so much fun creating a super stylish rhino with sneakers and headband. :) But clearly Elizabeth and her friends had a bunch more fun running in this fantastic event.


All proceeds from the race and the bake sale were donated to Save the Rhino International. She has her own webpage and maintains it herself! Please check out Elizabeth's webpage to view more photos of Run for the Rhinos. May we notice when our children are passionate about something particular, be it art, swimming, writing, drama, design, caring for younger kids, nature, or even rhinos! Let us encourage them to learn, explore and run with it to see where it goes! I love how Elizabeth's parents have joined in the excitement to place value and love on her and her ideas.


What do your kids love and talk about all the time? How can you encourage them, in even a small way, with a specific interest of theirs? This season could be a great opportunity to pick something and enjoy it right along with them! To see my original rhino design, click here! If you need any custom artwork, please let me know. I'd love to help! Just email me.

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