Sweeten Grandchildren Activities by Making Candy Kabobs

Kids love making candy kabobs so they provide easy and fun grandchildren activities. If you feel like you've taken cupcakes as far as they can go, try skewering your sweets for a change.

How to Make Candy Kabobs: All you need are soft candies and wooden or bamboo skewers. If you're not going to eat your creations on the spot, you'll also want to have a supply of plastic bags and ribbons to keep them safe for later. Craft stores sell pretzel stick bags that are the perfect shape. Then, all you have to do is press the skewer through the candies. Kids of all ages can join in the fun. Set up a station for them to select and sort the candies and assemble the kabobs. Skewers have sharp ends so you may want to handle them yourself if your grandchildren are very small.

Finding Candy for Your Kabobs: Any soft treat will do. Gummy candies are especially handy because they come in so many colors, shapes and sizes. If you're going to indulge in your kabobs right away, you can even alternate the candy with other foods. Add chunks of fruit like melon balls or pineapple cubes. Pop a couple of pieces of candy on the end of a chicken kabob for a built in desert.

How to Use Your Candy Kabobs for Gifts: You probably won't be able to resist eating some of your work, but why not make a few extras for gifts? Insert a personalized gift tag with a special message and then bag them up and tie the bottom with a ribbon. Your grandchildren can bring home a treat for their parents or make a small present for their favorite teacher. Simple crafts like candy kabobs can turn any afternoon with your grandchildren into a party. Creative play is even better when you get to eat your masterpieces.

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