Teaching gratitude for our community helpers

National postal worker's day is in July. Sending a note to the mail carrier who delivers daily to your home is a special way of recognizing them for all that they do. Helping your child send a hand written thank you is a great way of teaching gratitude for those folks who are important to our community. There is always something we are thankful for, and the list of special days to celebrate is seemingly endless. What librarian wouldn't love being remembered during national book month in January, and imagine how excited their best friend would be to receive a personalized card in February for friendship month. Clergy appreciation day is October 15th this year, and don't forget about the doctor, dentist, vet and your local firefighters. These important community helpers all have special days or weeks each year dedicated in their honor. Visit National Day Calendar for a comprehensive list of year-long days to celebrate . The written word is powerful, and letter writing should not become a lost art. Writing these cards together with your son or daughter is a meaningful way to emphasize how important it is to express gratitude as well as an enjoyable family activity.

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