Teaching Gratitude With Attitude

There are many wonderful and creative ways of teaching gratitude to children. The library, the bookstore and the web are just a few. The problem is, that most parents just do not have time to research. The good news is that most children learn best by example.

Here are a few things that are simple to do in your home that will have a big impact on your children.

Verbalization - Say how thankful you are when someone does something nice. Verbalize it. Say it loud and clear. Make a big deal out of it. Put it in a song. Make up a crazy poem about how thankful you are. Make the idea and action of thankfulness something that your children look forward to seeing and doing.

Creativity - Thankfulness and gratefulness can be shown in so many ways. Write it down on paper. Young children that are just learning to write will enjoy using their imagination. Stationery that is designed specifically for them is a terrific way to inspire them to say thank you to someone who lives in another state. Thank you notes, letters or cards are a beautiful way to express yourself. Have your child get their crayons out and get inspired.

Attitude - Having the right attitude towards anything, can make it happen. That goes for showing thankfulness too. It is contagious. Do not be afraid to show those around you your gratefulness and thankfulness. There is a reason that the word attitude is inside gratitude. If your attitude is a thankful one, it is going to show.

Influence - Be careful what you surround yourself with. Hang around those that display the type of character that you want your children to have. Purchase movies, books and games that reflect respect and thanks. Turn the TV off when something comes on that shows ungrateful children, and talk about it.

Remember, you have the future generation in your care. Simple opportunities given to our children such as purchasing cute stationery and thank you cards just for them, will help lead them in a positive direction towards a more grateful life. If you are interested in purchasing kids stationery that has a personal touch, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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