Thanksgiving Party: Make Your Gathering Fun and Memerable

With Holidays comes tradition, Thanksgiving is no exception. Some traditions have been passed down for ages and make for great holiday party ideas. We all begin to create our own new traditions as we start our new families and move forward in life. Thanksgiving Traditions can sometimes be fun, or silly, but mostly they involve family. Here are some great traditions that you and your family may want to adopt into your Thanksgiving party.

Preserving Memories. Use a white tablecloth and a sharpie permanent marker. Have guests write a quick note of what they are thankful for, the year, and their name. With this tradition you and your family will be able to look back each year and remember not only who was seated at your feast, but also what they were thankful for in the past.

Teach Gratitude. A wonderful way to teach your children to be thankful is by showing them. Plan a volunteer project. Make it a tradition to help those less fortunate before Thanksgiving. Not only will you be doing something good but you will be doing it as a family.

Don't Just Watch Football Play it. Instead of just watching football on Thanksgiving get your friends and family playing it. Organize a game of flag football to work up your appetites and get your family active.

A Little Christmas Cheer. Have an ornament exchange on Thanksgiving. Many people do this at Christmas time, by then it is sometimes too late to add your new ornament to your tree. By setting an exchange on Thanksgiving everyone gets a new ornament for their tree and get to use it right away.

Draw a Number for Your Seat. Get away from the same seating arrangements. Instead of place cards have your guests draw a number.

Plan a Craft Project. If you have a lot of kids having a craft planned is a good tradition to set. It is a great way to keep children entertained and get them involved. Making cornucopias from ice cream cones then filling them with treats the kids can take home is one good idea.

After Thanksgiving Feast. Don't let all those left overs go to waste. Make it a tradition to have a left overs party. Get creative with the left overs, create a new dish.

Family Quiz. Get everyone together and interacting with a family quiz. Make up a questionnaire and have members fill it out before hand. You can have the answers created into place mats. Then let everyone try to guess which answers match each family member.

Thanksgiving Campfire. For a different experience on your Thanksgiving make a backyard bon-fire a tradition. Having S'mores would be a great tradition and treat to add.

Create a Corny Dish. Corn has always been a popular symbol of Thanksgiving. Make it a tradition to either make or have someone bring a dish with corn as the main ingredient.

Candy Corn Game. Place a piece or two of candy corn on each plate before serving up dinner. Once everyone is seated take turns sharing a funny story and a few pieces of candy corn.

There are so many fun and interesting ideas out there for Thanksgiving. From turkey trimming and great food tips to games and activities, you are sure to find the traditions that will make Thanksgiving memorable for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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