Thinking Green for your Children's Spring Party Themes

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and, like the rest of us, your children are probably suffering from spring fever—though hopefully not spring allergies! We were thinking about children’s party themes and have some green plant ideas to share. If your area of the country is still buried in snow, buy some spring bulbs and have a planting party. Each child gets their own pot, some dirt, and a bulb or two. Provide some colorful materials so that each child can decorate their own pot. Your child can provide bulb care instructions for each guest on some of our floral stationery, or you can customize some of our palm tree waterproof labels to stick on each container. The waterproof labels should ensure that basic care instructions make it home safely with each child and survive the watering process. Another plant party possibility would be to buy (unless you have your own) a relatively mature jade plant and have each children plant a couple of leaves from the jade plant in their own pots. If your area of the country is already springing green, go to a local park and have a treasure hunt. Instead of treasures they take home with them, instruct children to use some paper to trace or draw each different leaf they come across. (You might want to make a preview tour yourself to make sure there is no poison ivy in the park!) Remind children that leaves can be found close to the ground as well as high in the trees. Bring a library book of local plants with you for help in identifying each leaf. Perhaps bring along art supplies and invite children to draw or paint their experience. Older children might choose one leaf (we wouldn’t want to deprive any plants of more than a few leaves in this season!) with good veins and practice using it as a stamp to make their own stationery. So jump on the plant bandwagon with us and help your children celebrate spring!
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