Travel Safety Tips For Holidays With Grandma

Nanny in the Clouds is a hiring service that gives parents peace of mind and helps you keep track of your kids before, during and after your trip home to see the parents. Call the service and it will connect you with a nanny who happens to be on your same flight, or it will arrange for one to meet you curbside to help you herd your family from plane to rental car to hotel. Bumper-to-Bumper Safety But what if you drive? No matter how you plan to get to grandma's house, exercise several tips as you keep your kids safe. It's not a musical instrument, but your vehicle's thousands of parts need to work in harmony if you're going to get your kids to grandma's house safely. Spend a morning in your home garage or at the mechanic's and tune up the car. Check the tire pressure, brakes and battery. You'll also want to top off the fluids, replace worn windshield wipers and make sure the lights work properly. Make sure the child seats and belts work properly so that your children can stay securely and properly buckled in at all times. A stocked emergency kit in your vehicle is another safety essential. Be prepared with the following:
  • First aid supplies
  • Emergency flares
  • Spare tire and jack
  • Jumper cables
  • Ice scraper
  • Small bag of kitty litter in case you encounter ice
  • Waterproof matches
  • Flashlight
  • Blankets
  • Bottled water and energy bars or dried fruit

Back-Seat Safety

A laptop, iPod or smartphone works wonders to keep your little ones entertained in the back seat so that you don't hear your kids whine about the long drive and their annoying siblings. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports, that laptop-induced "erythema ab igne," which is pigmented skin caused by the heat from electronic devices. A laptop case provides a protective cushion as your children watch movies and play games during the long ride. Likewise, volume over 110 decibels causes hearing loss, according to the University of Leicester, so give your kids headphones or ear buds with adjustable volume controls as they listen to their favorite movies or tunes.

Document Safety During the Trip

While AAA reports that 90 percent of holiday travelers drive to their destinations, your family might need to fly to grandma's house. Safety precautions in the airport start with securing your documents. Keep your children's tickets, IDs and passports safe in your inside jacket pocket or fanny pack as your hands stay free to corral your energetic offspring. For even greater peace of mind, invest in protection services that secure your family's identities if your personal documents are stolen or lost as you travel. Next, keep tabs on your kids before and during your flight. If Nanny in the Clouds isn't an option, a child leash or Kangakid that serves as both a child carrier and a bag ensures your active little ones stay safely near you before your flight. On the plane, secure your kids in their seat belts or in an approved child protective system. Likewise, sit your kids away from the aisle to prevent them from reaching out for hot beverages or silverware on the food carts.

Pack the Carry-On With Safety in Mind

The carry-on bags your kids bring serve as an important safety measure. In them, pack essential prescription medicines and over-the-counter pain reliever and antacid. Remember the diapers, food and empty water bottle too. Your kids also need plenty of activities and safe toys that aren't sharp, hard or heavy. With these objects, they stay occupied and safe on the flight to your holiday destination.

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