Using Children's Stationery for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and your children may already be agonizing over who will be giving them a Valentine at school, and who won’t. Help your children think beyond whether they are part of the “in” crowd by encouraging them to think beyond their schoolmates in terms of who gets a Valentine. Here are some of our ideas for how they might use our children's stationery for Valentine’s Day
  • Ask them to remember someone who has helped them with something recently. Perhaps it’s a grandparent, who gave them the family history needed for a recent school project, or that nurse who gave them both a sticker and a lollipop when they got their vaccination shot. Invite your children to share a Valentine’s card with that person to say thank you for that gift of support.
  • Ask them if they know anyone who is sick, or hasn’t been happy lately, who might need a Valentine’s Day card to cheer them up. Maybe it’s the neighbor across the street who’s been battling cancer, or the teacher who’s been out sick for a week with the bad cold that’s going around.
  • Or perhaps this might also be a chance for your children to reach out to cousins that they only see once a year, at the family cabin for vacation. Ask them to think about something they enjoyed doing together last summer—whether it was canoeing across the lake or picking flowers in the meadow—and write a note on one of our Valentine’s Day cards to say that they are looking forward to doing the same kinds of things in just a few short months.
So think outside the usual Valentine’s Day box and help your children share some simple gifts from the heart with our children’s stationery!
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