What are your meaningful anniversaries?

What dates are important in your life? What special occasions do you honor every year?

Birthdays -- like them or hate them, it's almost impossible to ignore them. Facebook now tells all your friends when it's your birthday, so there's no escaping the anniversary of our births. Some of us embrace them wildly and throw huge bashes. Some keep them low-key and celebrate with a ritual dinner or toast. And of course, the little ones insist on lots of hoopla and festivities. At Amy Adele, we help a lot of people celebrate a lot of birthdays, and we love seeing all the party invitations and knowing what happy times lie ahead.

Wedding Anniversaries -- Our culture is keen to celebrate wedding anniversaries, and has gone so far as to designate a specific type of gift for each passing year -- from paper to gold. With the high divorce rate in the US, each wedding anniversary becomes a little bit more significant with each passing year.

We observe religious anniversaries, civic anniversaries and high school graduation anniversaries.

And most of us have special days in our lives that we mark -- either with large celebrations or quiet remembrances. Perhaps it's the anniversary of beating cancer. The anniversary of a loved-one's death.

One anniversary of particular meaning to me is September 11. I was living in NYC when it happened and was less than a mile away from the towers when the first plane hit. We all thought a small private plane had accidentally hit the building. I remember people rushing out to the sidewalk and looking down towards the towers trying to get a good look. The hours, days and weeks that followed were pretty horrific. But that day was definitely a day I will never forget and has changed my life forever.

What are some of your special anniversaries -- both happy and sad?

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