When will Corban walk? $100 Contest!

When will Corban walk?

Summer is almost over for my girls but the adventure of learning to walk has just begun for my little 16 month old Corban! Yes, it's that time! He's been cruising along tables and climbing stairs for a few months but now is when the real fun of letting go begins. He has yet to take his first steps and rarely even stands for half a second on his own. His physical therapist guessed that he may be walking by now... but not quite yet! He can walk when pushing a little wheeled walker and he can walk when holding onto two strong hands. Our latest trick is trying to get him to walk with holding onto one strong hand. He seems to have this incredibly high pain tolerance we are all amazed at (even his physical therapist). He falls but barely whimpers and just keeps going! It must be a NICU thing. :) So... the question is, when will our little guy take his first 20 steps? The closest one to guess the right answer wins $100 off their next order. To enter this contest, just add a comment to this blog post. Make your guess as soon as possible, because the entry closest to the exact day with the earliest time-stamp will win $100 off her next order at AmyAdele.com. Even if someone else already beat you to the punch with their guess, don’t hesitate to still enter. Every subsequent person who also guesses the right date will get 40% off their next order. Here's a clue... both my healthy (non-premature) girls didn't walk until 18 months so don't be too surprised Corban is taking his time, especially considering his early arrival.

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