How to write a fundraising letter: Tips and Tricks

Writing a fund raising letter can be both frustrating and stressful. How do you write a letter that inspires donations and support without coming off rude or begging. Learning how to write a fundraising letter can be very simple. It takes some research and practice! There are several things that need to be kept in mind when preparing to write your letter: the goal (what are you looking to achieve), why is it necessary, how can they donate. In addition to considering these things, there is also the writing of the actual letter. Here are some tips and tricks for writing a perfect fundraising letter! Tips for the beginning of your letter:
  1. Eye catching introduction - you need to grab the reader's attention right from the beginning. Questions, personal stories, something that will truly capture what you are hoping to achieve.
  2. Mention what previous donations accomplished. People like to see the results of their assistance.
  3. Focus on a specific goal. People want to know exactly what their money is going towards and what the end result will hopefully be.
  4. Be polite! Thank them for their time, remind them that it is only through their support can this goal be successful
The request:
  1. Before asking for donations, make sure to fully explain the activity, event, cause, goal, etc.
  2. Don't beg or demand a certain donation, instead offer different options if possible.
  3. Describe what will happen if the donations aren't received.
Ending the letter:
  1. Thank the reader for their time and support.
  2. Remind them why their assistance is so important and appreciated.
Additional Considerations: Remember that not everyone might be familiar with the program if it isn't a new one. If it is a new program more explanations might be necessary. Make sure to check grammar and spelling. Incorrect spelling and poor grammar can give your cause a bad image. Consider leaving contact information incase anyone has any questions or concerns. Most of all take your time to ensure you are representing the situation to the best of your ability. Follow these tips and tricks and your fundraising letters can only improve!
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