Writing and Exercising Your Brain

We all know that we need to eat right and exercise. Everywhere you look, people are promoting the newest diet and fast ways to trim fat, but what do we know about keeping ourselvessf242_card and our families mentally strong? That’s right, today I’m going to talk about exercising your brain. CNN released an article in June called, “It’s time to get your brain in shape.” In this article, Jayatari Das discusses giving your brain an active lifestyle. It states that learning and practicing any challenging skill can actually delay cognitive decline and change the structure of your brain for the better. Staying connected with friends and family and being a part of a social network can reduce the cognitive effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Pretty interesting, right? I was curious, what kind of “exercise” for my brain wouldn’t interfere with my regular day to day schedule? I found wikiHow’s article titled, “How to Exercise Your Brain.” There’s a wide variety of activities that we can incorporate into our lives to help with our mental health take only a few minutes. Some of the activities include:

1) Read as much as you can

2) Increase your vocabulary

3) Write something

4) Learn a new language

5) Post-problem solving

6) Turn off the television

7) Do daily crossword puzzles

8) Switch your dominant hand

There are many more things that you can do, but these I found particularly interesting being that we are a stationery company. So, by reading a letter, writing back and reflecting on your day to day problems, you are exercising your brain. By staying connected with your friends and family, more brain power. There are so many ways that simply writing a note to someone challenges our brains! Maybe tonight I will write a letter in a foreign language with my right hand (left-handed) to my sister about my broken AC at the house and have the television off…. Or I will just read a book ;) CNN Link WikiHow Link

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