Writing Letters: Creative Ideas for Love Notes From Parent to Child

Sometimes in the busy pace of our day-to-day, we forget to take a little time to remind our children how much we love them. Writing love notes to your children is a fun and meaningful way to tell them what’s in your heart and communicate what's on your mind. Here are some creative ways to turn writing letters and love notes into a cherished family tradition:

Turn their lunchbox into a happy meal. Do you remember the warm fuzzies you got when you opened your lunchbox at school to discover an “I Love You” from your mom, scribbled on a napkin? Lunchbox notes are a great way to not only remind your child that they are loved, but also to get them excited about the food you’ve prepared for them. Write a little poem about their lunch on a recipe card or create a “menu” on some stationery. Throw in some stickers or a printed coloring page with some crayons and you’ve got a mini care package your child can share with his or her friends.

Slip a good morning note under their door. Start your kid’s day with some sunshine by sending them some morning mail. This is an opportunity to let your kid know how much you appreciate them while giving them an idea of what to expect for the day or assigning them chores. You can even turn chores into fun activity by sending them a note on superhero stationery giving them a “mission” from their favorite character.

Create an imaginary pen-pal. Does your child have an active imagination? If they love to play pretend, you can engage them in a letter exchange with a beloved imaginary friend. Set aside some quiet time one afternoon a week to help your child write his or her letter to their pen-pal, then slip a response under their pillow a few evenings later.

Write a story one note at a time. Keep them asking for more by sending your child a few paragraphs from a story each week. You can copy the words from a favorite book or write your own story, starring your child! To get them involved, have them draw illustrations to accompany each note.

Write a letter every month of the year and give it to them on their birthday. This is a wonderful way to document your child’s life. Write a heartfelt letter to your child each month, describing what they’ve been doing, important events or milestones, and what they’ve done to make you proud. Bundle the letters together wrapped in a beautiful bow or a special box and deliver it to them on their birthday. Spend some time reading the letters together as you cuddle up for bedtime.

These are just a few ideas to help you get the ball rolling. Handwritten notes and letters offer a unique gift to your family: not only do they help to strengthen the special connection between you and your child, they also provide wonderful memories for years to come as future generations discover them and read them.

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