Your Kids Can Change the World

Little kids can do mighty big things! Here at Amy Adele we know that kids have that little sparkle of magic that they add to the world that we big people will just never be able to.

Teaching our kids about how powerful they really are not only makes the world better but it instills in our kids what we have known all along... They are incredible, special little humans with potential oozing out their ears. Thankfully, this is exactly what they will take away from these fun activities for kids that just might make the world a whole lot brighter.

Cards for Grand-People - If you have ever visited a nursing home then you know that not everyone gets the opportunity to visit with kids and receive hand written notes. These grand-people simply light up at the thought of interacting with children. It really changes their world. Have your child save drawings in a special box and then, when you have enough, deliver them to your local nursing home. You can call ahead to see how many residents there are so that no one gets left out but it is always a good idea to bring a few extras. You might also consider having your children hand out gifts or read to the seniors in the activity room.

Get Well Cards for Kiddos - Your local children's hospital is teeming with kids who aren't feeling so great and, believe it or not, in a building full of kids... Children rarely get to see one another due to the risk of infection. They adore when they get something from another child. It gives them a sense of normalcy in a not so normal situation. Help your child to write notes for the nurses to give out. Remember that some kids are in the hospital for a long period of time so sometimes it is best to keep language bright and airy, avoiding too much talk of hospitals or illness.

Writing Letters to Soldiers - It's sad to think that many of our service men and women don't get the encouragement they deserve. Help your little ones to send thank you cards to soldiers over seas or give them free range on doodling a darling picture they can carry with them along the way to remind them of all the million and one reasons they fight.

These three fun activities might seem like small beginnings but small beginnings grow the mightiest oaks... And small beginnings change the world one delightful little smile at a time.

How are you and your children using the art of writing to change the world? Contact us with your ideas. We'd love to hear how you are making the world a better place!

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