Contest: Guess Corban's Weight!



Amy Adele's Son Corban - September, 2009

How time flies - Amy's son Corban is almost 6 months old! We thought that his phenomenal progress was sufficient cause to celebrate with another contest. Many of you enjoyed the contest we had in April to guess Corban's homecoming date from the hospital, so we hope you'll have fun with this one too! Here's how this contest will work... Corban will have his 6 month doctor's check-up during the last couple days of September. To enter this contest, just add a comment to this blog post. Guess what Corban's weight will be (in pounds and ounces) when he has his check-up at the end of the month. Make your guess as soon as possible, because the entry closest to Corban's exact weight with the earliest timestamp will win $50 off the winner's next order at Even if someone else already beat you to the punch with their guess, don't hesitate to still enter though. Every subsequent person who also guesses the right weight will get 40% off their next order. Only one guess per person, please. Additional guesses will be disqualified. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 25th, 2009. Corban's actual weight and the winners to this contest will be announced in an E-mail Newsletter on Friday, October 2nd. The prizes awarded will be in the form of a unique promotion code that you can use at checkout. Want to go ahead and order now instead of waiting to see if you won? That's great! If you place an order between Friday, September 11th and Friday, September 25th and end up winning this contest, we'll give you your choice. You can have a promotion code for a future order as described above, or we'll refund you the applicable discount amount from an order you placed during these two weeks in September only. If you've just found in the last couple of months, you might want some additional background information before you make your entry. Here are the past blog articles we've posted since Corban arrived on the scene in late March, a couple of months early.

Good luck! :-)
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