Happy Homecoming!

Corban is Home!

Corban is Home!
Yes, it's true! Today, April 30, 2009 ended up being the day that Amy's son Corban was finally able to come home to his family. Amy, a proud papa and two beaming sisters can't be more thrilled. As we reported in our last update about Corban on Tuesday, Corban's incubator temperature was lowered on Monday to further confirm that he was able to maintain his own body warmth. Later on Tuesday, he left the incubator behind and moved to a crib. Today, almost 48 hours later, doctors gave the OK for Corban to be discharged from the hospital. Amy & Corban arrived in the comfort of hearth and home, within the last few moments before this update was posted to our blog. Amy wants to thank everyone again for all your well wishes and prayers. Please keep them coming now that the family has a new baby at home. :-) Oh and one final item of interest to many of you... Congratulations to Angie Hubach, Delany H., Emily Harrison, Lucy Marotti, Natalie C., Nikki Shipley, and Sara Goetschkes. These 7 ladies all won 50% off their next order at AmyAdele.com, because they correctly guessed Corban's Homecoming date in the blog contest we held last weekend. Ladies, if you haven't already noticed, your promotional code should be waiting for you in your e-mail Inbox!
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